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Beavercreek Dental Care is happy to send additional information at your request, and at no charge.  Please remember, this information is not meant to be a substitute for diagnosis and treatment.  We will be happy to provide more in-depth information at the time of examination.

Millions of Americans live with painful temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder symptoms and have no idea what’s to blame. TMJ pain manifests itself in different ways, making the list of symptoms and combinations present in individuals unique to each patient. Diagnosis of TMJ disorder is the first step in improving your symptoms and improving your daily life. Use this TMJ symptom checklist to start taking control of your TMJ pain.

Check all the TMJ-related symptoms that apply to you:

Jaw clicking or popping
Consistent pain or tenderness in the jaw
Aching pain in and around the ear
Difficulty chewing or pain while chewing
Feelings of dizziness, fainting or vertigo
Jaw pain or jaw locked when waking up in the morning
Grinding teeth or clenching jaw at night
Grinding teeth or clenching jaw during the day
Easily or chronically fatigued
Pain in the temple area
Ringing, buzzing, hissing or roaring sound in the ears
Experience nausea for no apparent reason
Difficulty moving jaw from side to side or forward and backward
Pain or soreness in any of the following areas: jaw joints, upper jaw or teeth, lower jaw or teeth, side of neck, back of head, forehead, behind eyes, temples, tongue or chewing muscles
Imprints of teeth on the side of your tongue
Whiplash injury
Nerve pain, particularly in the neck or back
Extensive dental crowns and bridgework
Pain or soreness when pressing on jaw joints or the cheek just below them
Jaw deviates left or right when opening mouth wide
Chewing gum aggravates pain/symptoms
Prescription drugs no longer relieve pain/symptoms
Cervical pain
Upper back pain
Pain above or behind eyes
Pain in the anterior of throat
Molar tooth pain

If you checked four or more of the boxes above, you may be experiencing undiagnosed TMJ disorder.

Now that you have identified your symptoms, it’s time to get your TMJ pain under control. Dr. Mitakides has been treating patients with TMJ and craniofacial pain for more than 40 years. Start on your journey toward finding relief from TMJ pain by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Mitakides and his team today.