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Dr. Mitakides is happy to send additional information at your request, and at no charge.  Please remember, this information is not meant to be a substitute for diagnosis and treatment.  Dr. Mitakides will be happy to provide more in-depth information at the time of examination.

How do I get my diagnosis? What are my treatment options?

The complicated nature of TMJ and its causes make diagnosis and treatment by a TMJ expert vital. At the TMJ Treatment Center, patients begin with a an in-depth history and thorough examination by our TMJ professionals. During that examination and evaluation, patients receive special x-rays and/or tomographic imaging; a complete medical history, and a careful physical examination of the jaw, head and neck area. Dr. Mitakides will sometimes order models of your teeth (a simple impression technique), to obtain a record of your biting and chewing patterns.

In recent years, vast improvements have been made in non-invasive imaging of soft tissue, including tomography, MRI and other options, providing new opportunities to accurately diagnose TMJ disorder. Schedule an Appointment today.