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Experience and Qualifications Make World of Difference for People with TMJ Disorder

September 3, 2014

TMJ painIf you are dealing with jaw pain, headaches, jaw popping, facial muscle spasms or other TMJ Symptoms, finding the right healthcare professional is vital.

TMJ disorder is complicated, and the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain (AACP), the leading organization committed to the relief of craniofacial pain, TMJ disorder and dental sleep disorders, estimates that nearly 20 percent of the American population has one or more symptoms of TMJ disorder. Some people with TMJ experience severe pain that impacts their quality of life; getting your life back is too important to gamble with.

The first thing to ask about before you visit a professional is their actual credentials, specific training, continued education and associations related to TMJ treatment. Those with more experience, like Dr. Mitakides who has 40 years of experience with the disorder, will be able to provide a more detailed examination and diagnosis, along with a treatment plan tailored to your diagnosis that includes the latest proven technologies and methods for treating TMJ disorder.

While there currently isn’t an American Dental Association board-certified specialty for treating TMJ disorders, there is a distinct difference between professionals who dedicate their practice to treating people with TMJ, and those who include it in a variety of general dental services. Similarly, dental assistants who work closely with patients should have expanded training as well. At the TMJ Treatment Center, two of our dental assistants are Expanded Function Dental Assistants along with being Certified TMJ Assistants through the AACP.

There are only 105 practitioners worldwide designated as Diplomate by the AACP and Dr. Mitakides is one of them. This prestigious designation requires two or more years of graduate study in TMJ and craniofacial pain after achievement of Fellowship status, 500 or more hours of continued education courses in TMJ and craniofacial pain, more than 100 TMJ or craniofacial pain patients, a two-year fellowship and more. The AACP provides an extensive online referral network of professionals who have demonstrated their advanced training and experience in TMJ disorder.

For individuals dealing with TMJ symptoms, it is so important to find a doctor that understands your symptoms. To learn more about Dr. Mitakides’ experience and training as well as the rest of the team at TMJ Treatment Center.