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Lesser Known Symptoms of TMJ

March 1, 2016

For many people, when they think of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) symptoms, their minds automatically go to the clicking and popping of the jaw, consistent jaw pain and difficulty chewing. But, there are many other symptoms of TMJ that are lesser known. While some of them may seem unrelated, TMJ may be the underlying cause, going undiagnosed for too long.

Some of the lesser known symptoms of TMJ include:

  • Headaches

Sometimes, a headache is more than just a headache. If you experience frequent and often painful headaches with neck pain, you may be living with TMJ and not even know it. Most commonly, patients experience temple headaches, headaches in the back of the head, pain below the ear, or migraine-like headaches caused by neurological abnormalities. If these symptoms sound familiar, there may be a treatment plan that can reduce your pain.

  • Earaches

Jaw muscles are located within close proximity to the ear. Many people often mistake straining jaw muscles or jaw pain for an earache or even an ear infection. For patients with frequent, unexplained ear pain, a TMJ diagnosis may be the end to an ongoing struggle to find relief.

  • Dizziness 

Do you experience dizziness or vertigo during the day? Your inability to balance or frequent stumbling may be tied to TMJ, especially if your physician has ruled out diagnoses like inner ear disorders, head injuries or side effects of medications.

  • Nerve Pain

If you experience nerve pain, particularly in the neck or back, your nerve pain may be caused by TMJ disorder. Your TMJ may be misaligned, causing your body to overcompensate and strain other muscles and nerves. TMJ may be the answer to your unresolved nerve pain.

If you or a loved one are experiencing one or more of these lesser known TMJ symptoms and are looking for an accurate diagnosis, finding the correct doctor is the first step toward relief. For those living in the Dayton, Ohio, area, the TMJ Treatment Center is the place for you. Dr. Mitakides has been treating patients with TMJ and craniofacial pain for more than 40 years. To learn more about your symptoms and start your journey towards finding relief from TMJ pain, give us a call at 937-427-3131, or contact us to set up an appointment.