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TMJ Relief Comes From TMJ Awareness

November 24, 2014 | Author:

Understanding the symptoms, causes, treatment options and facts about TMJ is the best first step to finding relief from the pain for yourself or someone you love. This TMJ Awareness Month, learn more about this disorder that impacts millions of Americans every day, and share it so others can find relief.



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  • Tammy Sanderson aka Tammy Bryan on said:Reply

    Hello to you Dr. John and Associates. Your TMJ site came up on my FB, and I had to smile. It is good to know that you continue to serve our community with your talents in dentistry. I am happy to report that my TMJ trouble has subsided since receiving treatment from you years ago. Did you relocate your offices, and is Andrew working with you now? Dr. Bourekis said that you all had a Dr. Saidek and Company reunion. Wish I had known about it. I would have come. Miss you all very much. I am now a practicing physical therapist assistant, and I still find myself drawing from the memories of the old Saidel crew. My best to you always, and keep up the good work! Tell your office ladies hello please.

  • Heather on said:Reply

    Can you please tell me the dentist code for TMJ treatment. My dentist can’t figure out how to get paid and has cut me off of treatment until he does. I have been getting better, but afraid I will get get worst if treatment doesn’t cont.

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